The Catholic Church sells more than 40 properties in Canada to deal with lawsuits over boarding school abuse

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image source, VATICAN MEDIA


Pope Francis has apologized for the evil committed by members of the church to indigenous peoples.

More than 3,500 miles from where Pope Francis apologized to indigenous Canadians on Monday, other survivors of abuse by the Catholic Church in Canada are set to receive compensation that goes beyond words.

The Archdiocese of Saint John of Newfoundland, on this huge Canadian island, has sold 43 properties to pay for the economic agreement that was reached with the victims of the mount cashel boarding schoolin which hundreds of children suffered sexual abuse for decades.

Claims could exceed $40 million.

Among the properties that have had to be discarded is the Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist167 years old and a symbol of Catholicism in Newfoundland. The temple, which rises in a privileged location overlooking the bay, has been sold for US$2.3 million to a Catholic foundation.