The iPhone 14 is just around the corner. Why is it worth (or not) buying the iPhone 13 now

What we talk about the most in the Apple world in these weeks leading up to September is the new iPhone. Specifically of the iPhone 14, which are just around the corner. An iPhone that looks really interesting and that many of us will want to buybut is it worth it? What if we get an iPhone 13?

A very interesting iPhone 14 depending on what we are looking for

The question of “when should I buy an iPhone?” or “I wait for a new one?” It is the one I receive the most from both friends and readers. The answer depends a lot on our context, and especially on what phone are we using right now. Let’s say that we have an iPhone from four or five years ago and we have the question: are we waiting for the iPhone 14 or do we already get an iPhone 13?

There are several considerations to keep in mind here. The first is that this year there will be a important difference between Pro models and entry models. The first will be the only ones that will have, always according to rumours, the new A16 chip. Additionally, we expect Apple to redesign its faceplate to remove the notch and turn it into a much more subtle dot-and-dash configuration. While these novelties look interesting, there is another to take into account: the price. Let us remember that the euro and the dollar are worth the same, although on the other hand the price of the iPhone 14 may not rise (as much) as we thought thanks to Bitcoin

Inflation, the situation with the supply chain and several other conditions have recently pushed up the price of the MacBook Air M2. A computer that has always been the entry-level Mac to the ecosystem. Something similar could happen with the iPhone 14especially with the Pro models.

Apple’s strategy of retaining the A15 chip in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max already gives us a clue that this could be the iPhone that also retains the price we know so far. But there is even more with the iPhone 14, and it is precisely its Max model. For the first time, the surname Max will not follow the surname Pro, which will allow us to get the larger screen size for a lower price than what we were seeing until now.

An iPhone 13 that we already know, and with the mini!

Let’s talk now about the iPhone 13. We already know what we have in hand. Really great phones and very capable. And they have several interesting points. One of them is that still offer mini size. Thus, if we are interested in a small but powerful phone, and we do not want to opt for the iPhone SE with Touch ID, getting an iPhone 13 mini is an excellent decision.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini (256 GB) - (Product) Red

Apple iPhone 13 Mini (256 GB) – (Product) Red

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB) - Alpine Green

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB) – Alpine Green

Another consideration again revolves around the price. We have seen with the launch of the new MacBook Air M2 that Apple has adjusted the price of the previous model according to inflation. While the historical data raises another panorama. Thus, two things can happen with the iPhone 13 once the 14 are presented: they can rise in price when adjusting for inflation or may drop in price slightly to make way for the next model.

Everything we know about the iPhone 14: design, features, price and release date

Finally, at least according to rumours, we think that the iPhone 14 will be quite continuous with respect to the current generation. changes like the periscope mode in the lenses are proposed for the iPhone 15for instance. We all want to always have the latest iPhone model, of course, but depending on what we are going to use it for, we can consider other options. The final decision must be up to each one, of course, and the safest thing is to wait to see how the iPhone family looks with the iPhone 14 already presented, but… well, while we can consider what we just talked about.