The new MSC Seascape will be a true floating amusement park

It will be launched at Christmas and will be the best gift to unwrap. The new super ship that will sail the seas from next December will be a floating amusement park.

We are talking about the MSC Seascapewhich will offer passengers traveling on board 700 square meters of space dedicated to games and 98 hours of live entertainment on each cruise.

Edutainment for everyone

Lots of fun activities that can be done on board the new Seascape. First of all there will be a gigantic high-tech wall, Break the Wall, which will determine what surprise trials passengers will face on stage in front of a jury made up of the public. Surprises and laughter guaranteed.

On the decks of the ship the Aquapark will develop, with spectacular adrenaline pools and slides.

An educational game, “Vikings”, will teach the history of the Vikings, offering a fun and unprecedented challenge at sea.

An experience inspired by the MSC web series “Cabin 12006”, which combines music, video, rehearsals by Tic knockmemory games and more put guests to the test in solving some mysteries aboard the ship (“Cabin 12006 – The Secret Game).

An interactive and digital game, Beat the Music, dedicated to music that involves the whole family will bring together the musical tastes of adults with those of children and vice versa. There will be eliminations and above all prizes.

Spaces for teenagers

In addition to the very famous Formula driver which is already on board other MSC ships, on the Seascape there will be three fun spaces reserved for teenagers: the first will focus on the “Future” with a technological area equipped with the latest generation consoles, virtual reality and screens. The “Chill Out” area will offer a place to talk, exchange contacts on social networks and compete in ping-pong and foozeball matches. The third space will be dedicated to music, with a disco made up of lights and sound effects where children can choose their own music to listen to until late at night.

A Teens Club room entirely dedicated to teenagers will offer a variety of entertainment tools, including PlayStation5, Xbox X Series, Nintendo Switch, foosball, VR, ping-pong and billiards.

Every week, the kids will be the protagonists of a real “Late Show” live from the Teens Club which will focus on trends, music charts, guest stars, the most popular TV series, games and prizes.

The 10-17 year olds will also be involved in a team competition to win the dance crew of the year title.

For the little ones

There will be two environments for the children on board Lego: Lego Duplo for children aged 3 to 6 and another for children aged 7 to 11, who will have the opportunity to obtain a certificate to become a Lego Master Builder.

The little ones will also be involved in the MSC Foundation in projects on the conservation of the marine environment, making them protagonists of activities dedicated to improving the world.

In addition, all cabins that accommodate children and teenagers will include a travel narrative broadcast in the form of a documentary, which will immerse parents and children in all the services and activities that await them during the cruise.

How the Seascape will be made

Seascape will be the second cruise ship in MSC Cruises’ Seaside EVO class, a jewel with an innovative design and reduced environmental impact.

The ship will be able to accommodate up to 5,877 passengers which will stay in 2,270 cabins (divided into 12 different types), 11 refreshment points and 19 bars and lounges both outdoors (for 13 thousand square meters) and in the internal areas.

Six pools for guests, including the incredible stern pool with stunning ocean views. As the name suggests, in fact, the ship is a true tribute to the marine panorama. There will also be a 540 meter long outdoor promenade.

The Yacht Club, the largest and most luxurious of the entire MSC fleet with its almost 3,000 square meters, will also have a wonderful view of the ocean from the foredeck of the ship. And, to experience a romantic emotion, there will be the Bridge of Sighs with the glass floor.

A super green ship

The Seascape will also be an avant-garde model, with the adoption of numerous tools to minimize the environmental impact. the ship will adopt selective catalytic reduction systems as well as an advanced wastewater treatment system to protect marine life.

The flagship will even be equipped with a tool for managing the noise radiated underwaterso as to decrease the possible effects on marine mammals. With a view to energy savingmoreover, the shipping company has introduced a whole series of innovations for the new flagship that guarantee greater efficiency.