the Vivo X80 Pro has left us with our mouths open


If you are looking for one of the most reliable and spectacular cameras today, don’t miss our review of the Chinese company’s flagship.

When the time comes retire for you old smartphonemany are the Doubts that are presented to the consumer. There will be those who value the brand, the operating system, the duration of the battery and its charge, the power of the device when playing or who value the cameras of the future mobile phone. If you are one of those who love the photography and video mobile, you can also take a look at the new ASUS Zenfone 9 or download one of the most interesting photography apps from Samsung, we believe that the most recent terminal of alive you will be very interested.

Vivo’s big surprise is the X80 Pro and its off-road ability to dazzle with its cameras

Even though the mobile phonescan also be applied to technology in general, and cameras of the same are aspects subjective to assess, there is no doubt that we can distinguish between those that exceed expectations and that offer plenty of arguments to the user. This would be the case of VivoX80 Pro. We have thoroughly tested the cameras and functionalities associated with them on our YouTube channel recently and these are the first impressions of a terminal that promises not to disappoint whoever bets on it. Next, we leave you the best features What will you find regarding photography and video of Vivo’s new flagship.

Main Camera and Zeiss Color Science

We start by talking about rear modulethe one that stands out in size in the terminal, and that has in the first place a 50 megapixel sensor and with f1.57 apertureThat allows him capture much more light than other rivals in its price segment, which we warn you that it is in one of the highest steps. This main camera is really solvent and has a good dynamic range and a great HDRwith an intelligent activation that is applied well in the vast majority of occasions.

It should be noted, secondly, the great work done by the company Zeiss in the color treatment. Though most of the users are attracted by cameras that obtain photographs and videos with high saturations and contrastsVivo has managed to implement a road that mitigates this attraction factor, but that, in return, offers the user a color much closer to reality.

Night photography and the X80 Pro

Capture of night photography taken with the Vivo X80 Pro

The artificial intelligence of the device allows to obtain night photographs of one enviable qualitywith balanced images, and that are supported by that dynamic range that we mentioned earlier. The scenes result natural when using this photography mode, with good control of highlights and no excessive noise.

Video with professional features

Vivo boasts photography and video capabilities with its X80 Pro

Vivo boasts photography and video capabilities with its X80 Pro. Vivo

Although this terminal is prepared to obtain videos in 4K and 60fpsit seems that where better unfolds is with a resolution FullHD at 60fps. In addition, it will be in this last resolution where you can activate the Ultra stable mode. Artificial intelligence activates two really interesting functions in the video section. On the one hand, the well-known HDR and on the other hand the night modewhich limits frames per second to 30. Thanks to AI, it will be the device itself that decides which mode to use, depending on environmental conditions.

The Horizontal Line Mode in video, as another of the star features of the X80 Pro, it allows the user to always keep recording without notable tilt changes, despite the sudden movements that may occur when pressing the record button. The Cinema modethat enhances the bokeh in video, and the Pro modethat allows you to modify parameters such as ISO or shutter speed, are the other two great additions to this Vivo flagship.

Sensors to complement an outstanding experience

The two-magnification telephoto lens of the Vivo X80 Pro is really solvent

The two-magnification telephoto lens of the Vivo X80 Pro is really solvent

In addition to the main sensor, this mobile phone has of the sensors plus. The first of these is a telephoto of of the increases12 megapixels and f1.8, which will be the one that is mainly intended for Pictures. The second of these additional sensors is another telephotoin this case of five magnification8 megapixel. If the main camera already stood out above the competition, putting two telephoto lenses into play seems to be one of the definitive factors for photography and video lovers decide for him VivoX80 Pro.

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