The Xiaomi fryer at an absolute demolition price

The Mi Smart Air Fryer is a gadget loaded with possibilities: get it at a minimum price.

The normal thing in Xiaomi products is that they drop (quite) in price as time passes since their launch. However, there is a notable exception to this phenomenon, and it is that the amount of the Mi Smart Air Fryer endures impassively month after month, being extremely rare come down from the 90 euros. At the end of the day we are before one of the most successful products of the brand.

For this reason, it is worth taking a look at the latest price drop proposed by square aliexpress: you can take it home for only 77.92 eurossaving you more than 20 euros regarding the PVP.

In addition, being an AliExpress Plaza offer you will enjoy advantage As the fast and free shipping from Spain as well as fifteen days to return it without any cost. Forget about taxes, endless waiting times, problems with returns… Buying at Plaza is exactly the same as doing it in the official store of the brand.

Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer

Buy the Xiaomi Air Fryer in AliExpress for 76.99 euros

Xiaomi Air Fryer

Get the Xiaomi oil-free fryer at a knockdown price

In case you decide to get hold of it, remember that the Mi Smart Air Fryer is much more than a hot air fryer since it can be used, apart from for fry with little oilto make much more complex preparations, such as bake or thaw foodprepare yogurt or even dehydrate fruit.

All this is achieved thanks to its special hot air recirculation system as well as its adjustable temperaturewhich can oscillate from 40 to 200 degrees.

Needless to say, the hot air fryer is extremely easy to use: you can use your OLED touch screen to check the cooking status or use the mobile applicationyou choose. Of course, in either case you can program until the last second of its operation, something very practical to, for example, have hot food at a specific time.

Xiaomi Mi Air Fryer

At the design level, the basket of the Mi Smart Air Fryer has a 3.5 liter capacityenough to prepare 2-3 servings of food. This basket also has a wear-resistant non-stick coating and completely dishwasher safeguaranteeing us the highest durability of our purchase.

If you want to eat in a more healthy and practical you are one step away. Also keep in mind that the Xiaomi fryer includes a repertoire of smart recipes constantly updated, so you can discover how to prepare new dishes practically every day. Quite a hoot to change our eating habits in a simple way and without giving up flavor.

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