These 84 apps are installed on 7 million iPhones. The problem is that they try to charge us without us knowing

The picaresque in the world of applications is something that has been around for many years. Now, when apps are universal and we use them for everything in large numbers, the effects of developers trying to take advantage of users are noticeable despite the intense review to which Apple submits all apps from the app store.

Apps that try to cheat, but which we can easily defend ourselves against

They collect the full list on VPNCheck, which includes Frames – Picture Collage Maker, Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology, Music Zen – Relaxing Sounds, Life Palmistry – AI Palm & Tag, Music Video Maker, among others. Apps that use semi-hidden subscriptions to keep users’ money. And we say “semi-hidden” because to subscribe to a service within an App Store app we have to voluntarily accept. Of course, we must read well what price we will start paying when the trial period that is usually offered expires and how long that period is.

In the apps that we call fleeceware, those that use hidden subscriptions behind the free periods, it is common that when opening the application we find that we must accept the trial period yes or yes. This goes against the rules of the App Store, so if we search well we will find the “Not now” button or a small cross that is often conveniently inconspicuous.

Faced with this type of practice, what can we do? Much. First, be careful with all the free trial periods, it is true that they are, but let’s read the information on the screen well before subscribing. The other, of great value, is that we go regularly to the app SettingsLet’s knock on our behalf and get into subscriptions. Here we can see exactly what we are paying and we can cancel any subscription with a single touch.

One of the pillars on which the security that the App Store provides to our devices and data is based, in addition to reminding us that installing apps from outside is dangerous, is in the human control that is applied to all apps. Also payments are handled directly with Apple and, therefore, we can cancel them at any time without having to deal with apps that would try to prevent it. With this we have all the tools to stay safe from these 84 apps and from those that may try to appear in the future.

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