This is how the new Teracrystallization mechanic works in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

After tons of recent news, now we get more details and recently confirmed news for the long-awaited Nintendo Switch game. Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. The second trailer that The Pokémon Company has shared has confirmed that the game will launch on November 18th of 2022 and has shown new Pokémon that we detail here and also new characters. Apart from this, a Dual Edition has been confirmed that includes both versions (Scarlet and Purple) + a steelbook.

The information comes from today’s presentsand focuses on the new Teracrystallization mechanic (it will also feature Raids):

  • All Pokemon can do this, and some will change types when doing so.
  • Teracrystallization empowers moves and makes them change type

Pokémon shine like precious stones thanks to teracrystallization

What is the phenomenon of teracrystallization?

This curious phenomenon only occurs in the Paldea region and makes Pokémon shine like glittering gems.

When a Pokémon teracrystallizes, a Teracrystal jewel appears on its head like a crown, and its body shimmers like a gemstone.

Teracrystal energy emanating from the ground in the region is said to be linked to this phenomenon.

There are still many details that are unknown, but Professor Albora and Professor Turo work to solve the mystery.

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Learn to teracrystallize your Pokémon and dominate battles!

Teracrystallization plays a critical role in combat in the Paldea region.

In Paldea, all Pokémon can be teracrystallized to gain a special power.

Every Pokémon has a teratype. This teratype remains inactive until the Pokémon is teratyped, and it is not until then that the change from type to teratype occurs.

For example, some Eevee are Normal teratypes, but others may be Water teratypes.

There are 18 types in all, so the combinations of Pokémon and teratypes are endless.

Tera-crystallizing Pokémon allows you to improve your strategies in battle by increasing the power of moves that match their teratype or changing Pokémon’s weaknesses.

The choice of when to activate this phenomenon and what combination of Pokémon and teratypes to use is up to you.

Find out what suits your style of play and win every battle!

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You need a Teracrystal Orb to use teracrystallization.

Only certain Trainers in the Paldea region can get this special item.

Once you teracrystallize a Pokémon, your Teracrystal Orb will lose all of its energy and you won’t be able to use it again until it recharges. You can charge your Teracrystal Orb by touching the crystals that emit this energy or at Pokémon Centers.

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What do you think? Remember that these games correspond to the ninth generation that is already in development, with Spain being the region in which it is inspired. You have our full coverage of its premiere here.