This is Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, the first Pokémon open world game inspired by Spain

The huge map of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

The huge map scarlet pokemon Y Purple
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Forget everything you know about Game Freak games, scarlet pokemon Y purple pokemon change much of what is established thanks to the experience inherited from Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

We are in the Paldea region, inspired by Spain and Portugal. The best clue is not its geography, but some of its exclusive Pokémon: Lechonk the pig, Smoliv the olive or Fidough, the ensaimada dog that looks like the Lady of Elche.

scarlet pokemon Y purple pokemon are the new titles in the main Pokémon franchise, and the first open world RPG of the series (with permission from arceuswhich gave the player unprecedented freedom of movement, but with a map divided into different zones that could only be accessed from the main village of the game).

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple – This is the Paldea region! (Nintendo Switch)

The legendary Pokémon of the new installment are basically vehicles to travel the open world of Paldea with agility. They can roll across terrain, glide from heights, and glide through the water under your reins. The Legendary Pokemon Scarlet It’s called Koraidon, and although it looks like it has wheels, it moves on its legs. the legendary pokemon Purple It’s called Miraidon, and it rolls on its back like a motorcycle.

if you choose scarlet pokemonyour character will enroll in the Orange Academy with Professor Albora. if you choose purple pokemonhe will go to the Uva Academy with Professor Turo. There you will meet Clavel, the director of the academy; Cinio, your tutor and biology teacher; Mencía, your friend and opponent in combat; Noa, a reserved girl who goes to the same class; and Damián, student of a superior course and expert in the kitchen.

scarlet pokemon Y Purple they revolve around three different stories that you can complete in any order you prefer. The first is related to defeating the leaders of the eight gyms in the region (for the first time, without a set order) to achieve the rank of champion. The others have to do with a treasure hunt proposed by the director Clavel.

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The game features exclusive Pokémon, such as Cetitan, a kind of rhinoceros whose horn is capable of freezing the environment, or the starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. There are also regional forms such as the Paldean Wooper, which lives on dry land and protects its body with a toxic membrane.

scarlet pokemon Y Purple also includes a new mechanics known as teracrystallization. All Pokémon in the Paldea region can be teracrystallized, causing them to shine like precious stones. Some Pokémon with rare teratypes change types during teracrystallization: Eevee Teracrystal can be a water or grass teratype. and exists a flying teratype Pikachu that Nintendo will give away to those who buy the game before March.

scarlet pokemon Y Purple have a multiplayer mode called Circle of Union that allows you to add up to three friends to the map to catch Pokémon or race through the open world.

Your Trainer friends can be your allies during Tera-Raids, a new type of raid for battling Tera-Crystal Pokémon. You can attack or heal without waiting during your allies’ turn, and if you defeat the Teracrystal Pokemon, you can try to catch it (a chance to get rare teratypes).

scarlet pokemon Y purple pokemon They will go on sale next November 18. They can now be pre-ordered in stores and the Nintendo eShop.