Transgender impregnates two companions in a women’s prison, they transfer her to a men’s prison; now she denounces harassment

semi-minora 27-year-old transgender woman who impregnated two inmates at the Edna Mahan women’s prison in New Jersey, in USAShe was transferred to a prison for men, where she denounces that she is the only woman and that she has been harassed by other prisoners and by the officers in charge of security.

Minor was transferred in June to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, a youth prison where she is the only woman, a Department of Correction spokesperson told

The transfer occurred two months after it was revealed that the young woman had impregnated two inmates after having consensual sexual relations with them.

According to Univision, Minor is serving a 30-year sentence for homicide and could apply to reduce her sentence in 2037. She stabbed her former adoptive father to death.

On the website, a juvenile justice and LGBTQ rights organization founded by Demi herself, she wrote that she is under suicide alert.

In a July 5 post, the transgender woman alleged that corrections officers forcibly removed her from Edna Mahan and beat her during transfer to the Garden State Juvenile Correctional Center.

She said she has asked the authorities to search her by female police officers, but has been denied by prison security, mocking her.

She also states that she never thought she could get her classmates pregnant. “I’ve been feeling so stressed lately that I’ve found myself trying to hide how I feel. I found out that I was going to be a father and that my partner was pregnant. More than scared, she was confused. The fact of having taken hormones did not make me think that a pregnancy was possible. How can I keep hiding my feelings?” she said in one of her letters.

“When you see me, you see what? I am a lovable person who cares and, above all, who does not always fit into the gender binary. People often forget how inclusive my trans identity is. I’m not going to live by anyone’s label. It’s just me, a woman who is not only transgender, but also part of a community that is colorful and often can’t fit into societies’ labels.”

The Department of Corrections told that it is investigating what happened and says the “Department has zero tolerance for abuse, and the safety of the incarcerated population and staff is of critical importance.”

“I have come under attack from young prisoners, who are immature and ignorant towards me,” Minor wrote in the aforementioned post.

She added that she was temporarily transferred to the New Jersey Correctional Facility, where “for 30 minutes she was constantly called by the pronoun he.”

According to Univision, in 2021 the state of New Jersey enacted a law that allows prisoners to be placed in centers that go according to their gender and identity preferences.

The Department of Correction said it is “reviewing the legislation for the incarceration of transgender people, with the intention of implementing minor modifications.”
A childhood between abuse and abandonment

According to, Demi entered foster care at the age of 8 after being kicked out of her home because her father’s beatings kept her from sitting in school. After stumbling through the foster system, she ended up being placed in a foster home where she was sexually abused by another foster child.

When she reported the abuse, she was told there was no place in the foster care system for a black child.

He continued to stumble through the foster system, until he ended up homeless. While homeless, he returned to the foster home where he was sexually abused, got into an altercation with his foster parent, and stabbed him to death. He was 16 years old.

The organization claims that Demi was pressured into accepting a guilty plea waiving her rights as a minor and sentencing her to 30 years with a minimum of 25 years in adult prison for being a child.

Since receiving her sentence, the website details, Demi has dedicated herself to serving others. During her time in jail, she has received paralegal training and has helped other inmates with legal paperwork to address her complaints. She has helped other inmates receive gender-affirming items, hormone replacement therapy, and gender-appropriate housing for her.

He has also built bridges with numerous elected officials and nonprofit organizations to craft legislation that addresses failures in the juvenile justice system, the prison system, and the foster care system. Demi’s plan is to take over this organization upon her release from prison and dedicate her life to reforming the juvenile justice system.

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