User changes parts of his car for Nintendo Wii parts and this is what it looks like

  • When the Wii debuted in November 2006, George W. Bush was president, sexyback was charting high on the Billboard charts and Happy Feet was playing in theaters.

  • However, despite its disappearance, some users continue to find use for it.

  • One of them is replacing various parts of his car, for example the gear lever with the nunchucks of Wii and the broken hands with the Wii Sports baseball accessory.

A user of tik tok is replacing parts of his Mazda MX-5 Mk1 car with various accessories from nintendo wii, including the Mario Kart steering wheel with which he actually seems to be driving.

Tyler Atkins, ttptng and TikTok, started by replacing his actual steering wheel with the Wii steering wheel and described driving with the cheap plastic as a “horrible experience”.

Nintendo Wii has a prominent place in the hearts of gamers

Throughout its history, Nintendo has steadfastly refused to abide by industry standards and missed out on several key technological changes, despite creating some amazing games of its own and groundbreaking gameplay innovations. Y Nintendo Wii was one of them.

When the Wii debuted in November 2006, George W. Bush was president, SexyBack was topping the Billboard charts, and Happy Feet was playing in theaters. The Wii cost 250 dollars or less than Sony’s Playstation 3 which is equivalent to 5 thousand Mexican pesos and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (300o Mexican pesos or more). Former Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime said that Nintendo aimed to appeal not only to current gamers, but also to those who didn’t usually use a controller. “The next step in gaming is to bring it back to the masses,” he said at the time.

The original US Wii bundle came with a single remote, nunchuck, and the base game, wii sports. The Wii’s new motion-tracking features were notable then, though they’re seen less on consoles today, and Microsoft and Sony they would respond with Kinect and PSMove in 2010. Chris Tom, Video Game Repair Shop Owner Republic Gamesremember how difficult it was to get your hands on the Wii console in 2006.

“I checked how all the Walmart and Target were trying to find one,” he says. “It was crazy hard to get.”

But finally, people bought wiismany of them. Before the Nintendo Switch will destroy in December, the Wii remained Nintendo’s best-selling home console, with 101.63 million sold.

User swaps parts of his car for Nintendo Wii parts

But apparently some still find use for it, as reported by VG247 the user is replacing various parts of his car, for example the gear lever with the wii nunchucks, the broken hands with the Wii Sports baseball accessory, the floor mat with the Wii Fit yoga mat, and even installed a nintendo wii real in the radio slot.

“I just like to play with things; It keeps me busy, and I thought I’d record it.” Atkin told IGN. “I put a Wii wheel about three weeks ago just to do something and uploaded it to TikTok, I was told by a friend that the video would have a million views as a joke, and now there are two or three videos with more than three million”.

@ttptng WIIATA POV DRIVE and I can’t lie the crowd loves it 🤣 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #wii #wiiata #mariokart #nintendowii #miat #yata #miata #carsoftiktok #cars #wiicar #trending #driving #pov ♬ FULL THROTTLE – 7oh2

The original steering wheel video has 3.1 million views, and since it went viral, Atkin fans have been asking for more and more weird Wii-based additions. Installing the actual console, which powers up but isn’t yet connected to a screen, was one of the biggest requests.

“Implementing a balance board one way or another and a Wii-mote handbrake has to be close as well. I even get requests for other consoles like PlayStation,” Atkin said. “Realistically, the possibilities of just wasting time are endless.”

Whether that means turning your Mazda into a miniature gaming museum with tons of different consoles, or creating a sequel to your Wiiata (Miata being the car’s original name and longstanding moniker), fans will just have to wait. and see.

Though not a particularly unlikely combination thanks to games like Mario Kart and Gran Turismocars and games seem to be mixing more and more in recent years. Tesla has recently introduced new features such as the ability to play games, including the witcher 3while BMW currently uses microtransactions in its high-end vehicles.

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