What are the most expensive video games, including DLC? The insane ranking

In recent days we have returned to talk a lot about DLC within video games: it is, for those unfamiliar with downloadable contentadditional downloadable content that may be obtained paying an additional amount to the cost of the game. Usually, the presence of paid DLC is proportional to the cost paid for the video game: in free titles, for example, there are usually lots of DLCs available.

We talked about it because there has been some controversy related to Multiversethe new fighting game that will be offered as free-to-play and that could have over $ 250 worth in DLC for passes containing new characters. The curious question then arose itself: which are the most expensive video gamesif they wanted to buy complete with all their DLCs? Some numbers that we found starting on this mission that made us feel poor (but happy to buy a few DLCs, ed) I’m really… out of mind.

The selection does not (and cannot) be all-encompassing, but it will give you an idea of ​​some curious cases on the market. It goes without saying (we hope) that the aforementioned games can also be played by just purchasing some DLC, or not buying any at all.

Europa Universalis IV – Over 400 euros

Universal Europe IV is a great strategic with historical setting signed by the veterans of Paradox. Released in 2013, the game still has a list cost of 39.99 euros for the purchase of the full game.

However, those who want to make the experience even richer, with DLCs that include expansions and content packs, can get their hands on 37 additional packages.

Their total cost? 407.67 euros, according to Steam.

Europa Universalis IV has been available since 2013

The Sims 4 – Over 900 euros

The Sims 4 it needs very few presentations: the Electronic Arts home life simulator is always heavily supported by the publisher, who continuously publishes game packs and expansions to enrich the experience. The last one, which we told you about, will allow you to follow the teenage Sims in their first loves in high school.

The game, released in 2014 (a golden age for DLCs, it must be said) still has a list cost of 19.99 euros.

However, if you really want it all 57 additional content published since then, you will have to add to this figure € 979.44 of expenditure. The data is reported on Steam.

The Sims 4 came out in 2014

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round – Over € 1,000

It was the 2015 when Dead or Alive 5: Last round made its way into the world of merciless fights and, to date, the title signed by Team Ninja proves that it has certainly not skimped with the DLC. By downloading the version Main fighterswhich features only the basic content, you can have access to the game for free.

However, it is possible to spice up the experience a bit richer by buying 62 DLCs in totalwhich involve an expense of 1,035.38 eurosaccording to Steam data.

There is also the third option where you can buy the game for 39.99 euros, with DLC included for a total value of 136.67 euros. They are not all, but it is something.

Dead or Alive 5: Last round

X-Plane 11 – Almost 3,000 euros

Fans of flight simulations will surely know Plan X 11game released in 2017 and particularly appreciated for the way it tries to faithfully recreate the cockpits and experiences on board your aircraft.

The game is offered with a list cost of 64.99 euros, but also abounds in DLCs – many of which are free dedicated to the attractions of the different continents.

In total there are 135 additional content and, if you decide to buy them all you would spend, according to Steam, 2,913.38 euros. Who knows, with that amount you could also pay for a real flying lesson.

Plan X 11

Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Over 4,000 euros

We are talking about 4,000 euros but it will probably also be 5,000, considering that it has become impossible to count them. Microsoft Flight Simulator Xreleased in 2006, it has long been the reference point for admirers of the historic simulator saga signed by Microsoft.

Beloved and always popular, the game is still available on Steam today for 24.99 euros – albeit the most recent Microsoft flight simulator obviously takes away the coconut scepter like that.

However, the experience can be completed with a terrifying number of DLCs, 260. The figure should soar among the 4,000 and 5,000 eurosbut chances are it’s even higher – why not, we weren’t able to add all the 260 content prices one by one, considering Steam can’t show them all at once to auto-add because… there are too many.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X came out in 2006

Rocksmith 2014 – Over 6,000 euros

Strumming your guitar, even with the help of a video game, is always a wonderful experience and is the basis of a title like Rocksmith 2014now purchasable with a well done Remastered.

The game has a base cost of 29.99 euros (9.99 euros if you have the original on disc), but it really abounds in DLC.

There is talk, as Steam shows, of ben 1,555 additional contentwhich include the most varied songs to be purchased individually or in special packs dedicated to the artists.

The sum comes from the parts of 6,000 / 6,500 euros.


Train Simulator – Over 10,000 euros

He’s famous and he’s particularly a smash in the DLC landscape – we’re talking about Train simulatorthe 2009 title that lets you do exactly what its name says.

Sitting at the helm of your train as train drivers, you can enjoy railways and different train models by paying the starting price of 24.99 euros on Steam.

Alternatively, you can complete the proposal and enrich it with … 676 DLC. It goes without saying that adding up the figures by hand to tell you how much they would cost you to accuracy is complicated, but it is serenely a figure over 10,000 euros. Not bad – so to speak.

Train Simulator has been available since 2009

Honorable mentions: other crazy gaming expenses

There are actually others gaming oddities on the market that cost an arm and a leg and deserve an honorable mention, DLC or not.

Ascesa’s free-roaming VR experiencefor example, it is a virtual reality game available on Steam since 2019, which promises a frightening exploration experience with your headset for virtual reality – including haptic sensations such as “Vibrating floors”. How it should be done remains a mystery, but it’s hard to imagine trying it at your own expense.

The game, and it is a mystery, does indeed have a price list of 999 euros. If you take a look at the very few user reviews present, they practically all report the same message, “Not bad”with a paltry playing time often under half an hour. When in doubt, unless you are a millionaire, it is probably better to spend your money in another way – because we are hardly talking about an experience that could be worth 999 euros.

Then we cannot fail to mention the curious case of Star Citizenwhich makes history in itself and that with its Legatus Packs – which can only be purchased by those who had previously donated more than 1,000 dollars – allowed them to invest … $ 27,000 for additional content on a game that, at present, is still in the making. The first was followed by a second from $ 36,000finally a third from $ 40,000because only those who are not very ambitious stop.

Difficult to beat.