WhatsApp, it is finally possible to transfer chats from Android to iPhone

The “Switch to iOS” application developed directly by Apple allows you to transfer all the data of your WhatsApp account from Android to the iPhone you have just purchased. The feature was finally released in its final form after a testing period

Transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS (and vice versa). An apparently simple procedure, but which has always been a problem. Recently, a specific feature has been introduced for all those who switch from the Apple operating system to the Google one. The opposite path had never been contemplated.
Until the Cupertino company introduced this possibility through the “Switch to iOS” application. A feature announced in beta just over 1 month ago and, as of yesterday, become available to everyone. So much to earn an ad hoc page within the official WhatsApp portal. As often happens in these cases, however, for some users it seems not yet available. It’s just a matter of time, probably a few hours. In any case, to take advantage of it, you need to have installed at least version of the WhatsApp app for Android and version of the WhatsApp app for iOS.

How “Switch to iOS” works

Switch to iOS »has been around for years. It is an application developed by Apple and is the service used by all those who, passing from Android to the operating system of the Cupertino company, want to bring with them photos, contacts, messages, appointments saved on the calendar.
Its operation is elementary and it is probably the simplicity that pushed WhatsApp to rely on this app to solve the age-old problem. The only preliminary operation to do is to install the service on your Android smartphone that you are about to abandon in favor of an iPhone. It is available for free in the Play Store, Google’s application store.

The procedure:

Once the Switch to iOS app is installed, just follow the steps below:
– while configuring the new iPhone, look for the «Apps and data» screen and select the item «Migrate data from Android»;
– the next step is to start «Switch to iOS» on the Android smartphone;
– at this point it is necessary to select the «Continue» button on the new iPhone when the «Migrate data from Android» screen is displayed. You have to wait for a ten or six digit code to be displayed;
– the code in question must be entered in the appropriate screen that appears on the Android smartphone
– the new iPhone will create a temporary Wi-Fi network. When prompted, just click “Connect” to access that network on your Android device, then wait for the “Data Transfer” screen to appear.
– finally, on the Android device, you need to select the content you want to transfer and then tap the «Continue» key. The game is done.
The novelty lies precisely in the contents that can be selected. Among these, in fact, finally the WhatsApp account also appearsthus solving a critical issue present since the birth of the famous messaging app.

The transfer of WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android

As mentioned at the beginning, the reverse path is conceived directly within WhatsApp. In case you want to switch from iPhone to Android, just go to the settings of the messaging app. At this point it is necessary to click on the item «Chat» and, subsequently, on «Move chats to Android». When WhatsApp is started for the first time on the new Android smartphone just configured, it will be necessary to connect the phone to the old iPhone with a cable to complete the procedure. It is therefore a function subject to the possession of a USB-C / Lightning cable. We have tested it in recent months with Samsung and Oppo devices and it has worked, although in various industry forums many users complain about the failure to complete the transfer. However, beyond the isolated cases, it is clear that a standard procedure is necessary for everyone. The choice to rely on the service developed by Apple is certainly a huge advantage for new iPhone users. It would be appropriate to identify a similar app for future Android customers as well.

July 21