WhatsApp Plus 2022 17.00: download and news

We already have available whatsapp plus download 2022 17.00full of news, corrections and improvements. However, the most outstanding thing is that it supposes the return of whatsapp plus after its previous developer forced to leave due to accusations of distributing malware.

The mythical WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to the original app with lots of privacy, customization and feature extras. Over the years there have been several groups that have released versions, because since it is not official, it does not have a true “owner”.

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The latest WhatsApp Plus 2022 17.00 is the work of the Russian AlexMods, which aims to become a successor to HeyMods. WhatsApp’s CEO threatened legal action against HeyMods for distributing viruses alongside his version, and updates have since stopped.

When downloading WhatsApp Plus 2022 17.00 we will see that in some aspects it is not at the same level, but also that the project has been accelerated, and there are many new features, so it is perfectly functional.

These are the 3 official features enabled in WhatsApp Plus 2022 17.00:

  1. The audios can be heard from other chats.
  2. Added reactions with custom emojis.
  3. “My contacts, except…” is added to the privacy settings.

Also they have been added many exclusive features in this update:

  1. Sending contacts without using the name in our agenda.
  2. Confirmation before sending States.
  3. By rejecting calls it is possible to simulate that there is no connection.
  4. Use of emojis or search engine images for profile photos.
  5. Personalization of the emoji in the reactions with double tap.
  6. “Like” or “I like it” by double tapping on a message.
  7. Custom color on the background and text of the States.
  8. New indicator for the group administrator.
  9. Blocked call notifications.
  10. Improvements in translations and correction of various errors.

There are many new features, and we have also seen that other projects such as WhatsApp Aero or GBWhatsApp have been reinforced to take advantage of the opportunity.

WhatsApp does not authorize the use of unofficial apps, and can even expel users who use them, although developers often implement anti-ban systems to go unnoticed.

Fortunately, after the serious HeyMods incident, it seems that WhatsApp is going to continue with a lax policy, as its threats were only directed at developers who include malicious software in their code, not at users.

It’s a good idea to do the download WhatsApp Plus 2022 17.00 if we want a successor of the previous version. It is unlikely that HeyMods will release any more updates, and it is not feasible to go on long without updating the app.

  1. Download WhatsApp Plus 2022 17.00 for Android