Will the iPhone mini be the next iPhone SE 4?

The next 4th Generation iPhone SE could arrive with the design of the iPhone mini.

A little less than two years ago, Apple surprised with the entire range of iPhone 12 phones. four different models for each userand without a doubt one of the most striking was the iPhone 12minifor being the smallest mobile that had been launched to date compatible with 5G networks.

With the iPhone 13 mini, Apple repeated the strategy. Phones of a smaller size but that do not skimp on features or technical specifications and are the same as the superior model only with a smaller body and, therefore, a little less battery. However, it is curious that the iPhone SE does not share design with them.

The 3rd Generation iPhone SE arrived with the same body as the 2020 model, which in turn repeated the design of the iPhone 8. We are talking about a phone with exaggerated frames and a low-quality LCD screen, but despite this it shares a chip with the iPhone 13. With the arrival of the iPhone 14 this year, the range is expected to disappear mini-iphonealthough the iPhone SE could take its place.

Can you imagine an iPhone SE with the design of the new iPhone?

iPhone SE and iPhone mini

The iPhone mini looks much more modern than the iPhone SE

Broadly speaking, the size of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini is very similar. However, there are two crucial differences: the OLED type screen (not LCD) occupies the entire front and has Face ID thanks to the notch at the top. Instead, the iPhone SE has great frames in which it incorporates the start button with Touch ID or the front speaker.

We talk about a more than outdated design for today. If we look at the competition, the vast majority of firms already have models with all-screen designs even close to 100 euros, while the iPhone SE costs 5 times more and arrives like this. The advantage is that it is a compact phone, but the iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini also turn out to be.

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For this same reason, A good idea would be for Apple to use the body of the iPhone mini for its next iPhone SE 4th Generation. We are talking about much more modern designs that attract more attention. In addition to having much higher quality OLED screens on the front and making much better use of space, they also have much better cameras than the iPhone SE, or at least they can already be talked about in the plural.

iPhone SE 2022

The design of the iPhone SE (2022) leaves a lot to be desired for some users

The iPhone Xr strategy could be repeated with the new iPhone SE 4

If one thing is clear, it is that Apple learns from mistakes. We have recently seen presentations such as the new Google Pixel 6a, a very interesting device since it imitates the concept of the iPhone SE only, in this case, it is quite superior in many aspects, since doesn’t cut as much on options of large sizes.

However, this is not something new for Apple. Some years ago, along with the iPhone Xs we saw the arrival of the iPhone Xra device that is still worth it despite the passing of the years. It was a mobile that copied the design of the superior models, and it only cut in aspects such as the camera or the screenwithout too much importance for many of the users.

It was a big seller, but for some reason Apple ruled out this strategy in favor of the iPhone SE. It is quite clear that, at present, about buying a 3rd Generation iPhone SE an iPhone 13 mini is a better option or even an iPhone 12 mini, since they are the same size but improve in many aspectsreason why Apple would have to consider a change of strategy.

iPhone XR

iPhone Xr revolutionized Apple’s strategy that year

Taking into account this brutal success and that it is a phone that continues to be sold today, it would not be surprising that Apple took the design of the iPhone 13 mini and adapted it to the iPhone SE in the next years. It would comply with the company’s current values, integrate maximum power in a compact size.

In addition, the price at reduce components such as the screen or the battery It should not be so high, and having the best specifications in a small mobile is something that more and more users really appreciate.

Another option that would not be bad at all and that surely many users would love would be that Apple fully recover the iPhone Xr strategy. Same size of the most modern iPhone, with reduction in features like the screen or the camera but that, at least in broad strokes, meet the needs of the vast majority of people.

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Ultimately, it’s unclear why Apple is continuing with an outdated design and decadent features in the current 3rd Generation iPhone SE, but it’s understood that with the next model they should change things seen by the competition, at least if you want to get good results. And select the design of the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 12 mini as a base can be a spectacular idea.