Xbox Game Pass, July 2022: Games for the second half of the month for subscribers

Let’s take a look at the new batch of Xbox Game Pass games scheduled for the second half of July 2022: there is also As Dusk Falls.

Also July 2022 it finally proved to be a decidedly rich month for Xbox Game Passboth from a quantitative point of view and as regards the variety of experiences and genres added to the catalog. With the 6 games added in this second half of the month, the total number of titles reaches almost twenty for July, exceeding this quota if we also consider the four titles proposed by Games with Gold, included in the Ultimate offer.

It is true that, in this case, the great triple A’s didn’t make a great presence during the month, but there are still several indies and medium-sized works of great interest, as well as adding rather surprising new features such as MotoGP 22 and debuts directly inside. service such as As Dusk Falls.

Xbox Game Pass, the games of the second half of July 2022

With the competition that has finally launched a parallel service represented by the new PlayStation Plus, the month of Xbox Game Pass has gone on relatively quietly, without proposing particular tactical countermeasures, also considering that high-profile releases, including first parties and exclusives, do not they are planned in this summer period. In any case, in the twenty games proposed over these four weeks it is possible to really find a bit of everything, so let’s continue the overview with the second batch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in Julyalso reminding you of the one carried out in recent days on the first wave of games in July 2022.

As Dusk Falls – Xbox, PC, and Cloud, July 19

The most notable debut in this second round of Xbox Game Pass is definitely that of As the twilight fallsexclusive for PC and Xbox launched directly within Microsoft’s subscription service through the ID @ Xbox program.

The first work of Interior / Night is a narrative adventure entirely focused on the choices entrusted to the player, who can decide in this way the development of the story and the ending based on the consequences of the decisions made.

The new team was founded by some ex-members of Quantic Dream and this is quite evident from the style of the game, which however is also very original thanks to the particular representation adopted, which mixes real photos and computer processing, with an effect which accentuates the dramatic tone of the story. This starts in 1998 and unfolds over the course of 30 years, staging the intertwined events of two families following a robbery gone downright wrong in Arizona.

To get to know it better, we refer you to our review of As Dusk Falls.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – PC, July 21

Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion, an image of the game

Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion, an image of the game

The rich catalog of strategy within Xbox Game Pass expands further with the arrival of Sins of a solar empire: rebellionan important introduction in this area given the levels reached by Ironclad production. The game is a stand-alone expansion of Sins of a Solar Empire, which, however, is almost a new chapter given the amount of content that characterizes it and the innovations introduced. The war returns to rage in the universe, between the isolationism of the Trader Emergency Coalition and the schism created in the Unity of the Advent, all elements that suggest the need to return to the space battlefield to vent the now impossible conflicts.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is therefore an evolution of the strategic 4X in a space setting developed by Ironclad and Stardock, of which you can learn more about the progenitor by reading the review on these pages.

Watch Dogs 2 – Xbox, PC and Cloud, July 19th

Watch Dogs 2, an image from the Ubisoft game

Watch Dogs 2, an image from the Ubisoft game

The iron pact between Xbox Game Pass and Ubisoft continues with yet another title added to the catalog in this month of July 2022, following several other additions seen in the last period including Assassin’s Creed Origins. Watch Dogs 2 is another open world action in the typical style of the French company, but characterized by a particular setting because it mixes contemporary and futuristic elements, staging a story of anarchy and rebellion against an oppressive system, disguised as an ideal and utopian modern society. In this second chapter we follow the story of Marcus Holloway, a brilliant computer scientist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and dedicates himself to hacking, until he becomes part of an increasingly large underground movement destined to clash with threatening occult powers. The goal of Watch Dogs 2 is the “Hack of the Century”, to hit the status quo and restore freedom to people, between varied interactions within the vast sandbox proposed by Ubisoft.

MotoGP 22 – Xbox, PC and Cloud, 21 July

MotoGP 22, a screenshot

MotoGP 22, a screenshot

It comes quite surprisingly MotoGP 22 in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, considering that its release is not very distant in time: three months after its launch, the new official simulation of the top motorcycle racing championship therefore arrives in the Microsoft service catalog, probably demonstrating a new collaboration relationship with Milestone that could bring the games of the Milanese team to the Game Pass more regularly.

For all the precise information we refer you to the MotoGP 22 review, but suffice it to say that anyone interested in motorcycles should definitely start the download and thoroughly test this new simulation, which is evolving and perfecting from year to year. In this case we are dealing with the new motorcycle season, containing 120 riders, over 20 circuits and all the attached official licenses, certainly a must for all fans.

Torment: Tides of Numenera – Xbox and PC, July 21

Torment: Tides of Numenera, an RPG image

Torment: Tides of Numenera, an RPG image

It arrives with some delay in the Xbox Game Pass catalog too Torment: Tides of Numenera. Although the classic RPG in question was developed by InXile Entertainment, therefore in fact a Microsoft first party team, its publication is prior to the acquisition of the studio and was made under the Techland label, which explains the reason for its absence. till now. The game has a considerable importance because it stands as a spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment, considered one of the best RPGs ever, without reaching the qualitative level but still managing to reconstruct in a convincing way the particular universe of reference, which mixes fantasy elements with others. science fiction.

The role-playing game takes up the set of rules established for Numenera di Monte Cook, but is characterized above all by the rich narration, with abundant dialogues and texts that concern deep themes with a remarkable level of quality, enriching everything with the addition of the system of “tide” that lead to possible variations in the story and in the surrounding world based on the player’s choices.

Inside – Xbox, PC and Cloud, July 29th

Inside, a scene from the game

Inside, a scene from the game

Playdead’s masterpiece returns to Xbox Game Pass: Inside it is part of the second round of the titles of July and although it is not really a first-fruit, it still represents an addition of the highest level. In case you have never played it, do not miss the opportunity at this point, but we are sure that many of those who have already finished it previously could gladly return to its particular dark atmospheres, perhaps trying to complete the objectives. left in suspense.

Taking up the style of Limbo, Inside also proposes itself as an action adventure with platform elements, represented in 3D but with two-dimensional development of the action and focused above all on the solution of puzzles, some of which are decidedly well thought out. Beyond the excellent balance of puzzles and moments of action, Inside remains deeply inside anyone who comes into contact with it also for its atmospheres and for the silent story of the young protagonist struggling with an oppressive and hostile world, with a shocking ending. .