You don’t know Google Search: you just need to know this trick

Saber use google goes beyond entering words into your search bar and clicking search. The Search Engine has several tricks very interesting that can help you search smarter and, therefore, find more precise results or according to your search. today we tell you how to use quotation marks («») in Googlea really useful tool.

A large part of the users are satisfied with searching for words related to their need at that moment. There is a series of commands, words or symbols that, introduced next to the searches, help to find more accurate results.

How to use “quotes” in Google

The search engine has a tool little known to the average user. We talk about the quotation marks (“”), a resource that can help you find more accurate results in the Google jungle.

Currently Google has a series of complicated algorithms to offer you search results. If you enter several words it will show you Related Results that they position for reasons that go far beyond the content itself.

If you make a search between double quotes you tell Google what you want results containing only those words and in that order. Then Google shows results that only contain those words in the order that you have indicated.

This trick is perfect for finding citation information, titles, names, etc. If you google [Características Xiaomi Redmi Note 11] the results will be filled with reviews, data and content related to the Redmi Note 11.

If these same terms are entered between quotation marks («Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Features«) the results will contain such Exact wordsso you will have achieved more accuracy when searching.

It is also something very interesting when you are looking for certain models of devices or products. For example, when you search for content about the Galaxy S22 Plus. With that search you will find content of the 3 models: Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra.

If you are looking for «galaxy s22 plus» Google will only show you exact content of the model, because will ignore all websites that do not contain that exact result. Of course, this can be extrapolated to almost any search term.

now you know how improve your Google searches from your computer, mobile or any device. If you need more exact results, use the quotation marks (“”) it is a very useful resource.