Zelensky and his wife pose for Vogue in the middle of the war. The nets shoot fire at them

The publication of the magazine Fashion It is accompanied by photographs, which portray the couple with soldiers, a wrecked plane, packages filled with asphalt.

Mexico City, July 27 (However).- Volodímir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine, and his wife Olena Zelenskathey posed for the fashion magazine Fashion, where they also did a report on life in the war.

The publication of the magazine Fashion It is accompanied by photographs by Annie Leibovitz, which portray the couple with the military, a wrecked plane, packages filled with asphalt or in the presidential room. The photos and the report caused criticism from many users of social networks, who did not skimp on expressing their annoyance at the couple’s action of appearing in a fashion magazine, when the country resists the Russian invasion since last February 24.

In the interview, conducted by Rachel Donanio, Olena Zelenska talks about how “horrible” the months have been and that she doesn’t think anyone understands how emotionally draining it is to handle a war, both on the physical and computerized battlefield.

Likewise, the journalist Donanio highlights Zelenska’s participation in the media and her active role in the diplomacy of the conflict, since the main actors have been men (Vladímir Putin, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Olaf Scholz).

However, the photo shoot was enough for thousands of social media users to lash out at the Ukrainian presidential couple for frivolity amid the Russian invasion and complain about the “spectacle of war”.

It is estimated that for the past six months, 14 million Ukrainian men and women, that is, more than a quarter of the national population, have had to leave their homes this year because of the Russian invasion. Until the end of May, eight million of these Ukrainians were internally displaced and more than six million refugees in other countries, according to figures from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Likewise, approximately five thousand Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives in the battle, including more than 300 minors derived from the attacks.

In one of the behind-the-scenes videos of the photo session, the Ukrainian President is seen smiling and happy with the development of the session.

There was also criticism aimed at the millions of dollars that have been donated to Ukraine for weapons and equipment to fight and resist the Russian army.